In Memoriam


DOD August 2023, WELCA, Edmonton, Alberta.

Our daughter, Lindsay, and Treasure were a great team. They competed at Pony Club events. Furthermore, they attended three-day eventing clinics in Red Deer and horse shows at Yodi Ranch, where they won First Prize in jumping. In later years, Treasure was a beloved therapy horse and notably a very special friend to Ashley at Whitemud Equestrian Centre.

Threats Trigger Happy

DOD spring of 2019, Little Smoky, Alberta

Known simply as Trigger, this gorgeous gelding was my husband’s long-time friend and companion. He took care of Doug on the trail and together they made some epic memories. Trigger possessed the smoothest gaits, turquoise blue eyes flecked with gold, rich palomino color, and flaxen mane and tail. This, alongside his steady personality, made him the brightest star which shone day and night on our farms.