Cross Circle Icelandic Horses


Our family brings to the table over a century of equine knowledge and experience. Our commitment to our clientele does not end after their purchase. Rather, we pride ourselves on being open and honest, striving to match our horses with suitable riders and supporting these matches indefinitely.

Like all successful breeders, our farm focuses on quality not just quantity. We can show you some of the best horses North America offers originating directly from Iceland. Our herd possesses outstanding bloodlines, developed and fostered by expert horsemen whose success in Icelandic horse competition is world-renowned. Such horsemen include Hulda Gústafsdóttir, Hinrik Bragason, and the family of Hestvit Arbakki, Hella Iceland.

We know the horses we breed, raise, and train. They are family.

In 2015, we looked at the horses that were available in Canada and decided to be the first to import competition-quality Icelandic horses directly from Iceland to Canada. While considering bloodlines, we researched successful lineages and visited several breeding farms in Iceland, personally. There are so many fantastic horses in Iceland that this was no easy feat. Taking into consideration the breed’s beauty and temperament, we settled on our foundation stock and are pleased to say the results speak for themselves. They are the complete package.

Our prairie farm provides a place of relaxation and contemplation with extensive gardens, an 80 x 200 groomed arena, and close proximity to Regina International Airport. We reside in a community of farmers, ranchers, and businesses. Visitors are always welcome with an appointment.